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Services And Rates for Anamcharae Massage of Fenton

Investing in massage is an investment in your health.


Comhleá (pronounced kohl-ya) Massage, our most popular technique fuses together all of our techniques, a bit of intuition, and a whole lot of education to give your body and mind exactly what you need when you arrive for your massage session.  This is what every great Myomassologist does for you!

Comhleá/Myomassology/Neuromuscular Re-Education Therapy$75 / 60 minutes
Deep Tissue Massage$75 / 60 minutes
Lightwork Energy Clearing$55 / 60 minutes
Myofascial Release$75 / 60 minutes
Myomassology$75 / 60 minutes
Reflexology$75 / 60 minutes
Reiki$65 / 60 minutes
Six Massage Package (Six 1hr massages)$385 / each
Therapeutic Massage$40 / 30 minutes
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